A narrative-driven tycoon where you will have to take your wrestling promotion to the top.


Wrestling GM Story is a narrative-driven tycoon like no other. You will be in charge of managing an emerging wrestling promotion and making it world-class. A light-hearted, but challenging experience.

At the center of this tycoon is the Storytelling. All great wrestling promotions are famous because of their stories and larger-than-life characters. Build your own stories, deal with unpredictable events, and manage the whims and wishes of your wrestlers.


Vibrant and charming, hand-painted comic book art style


  • Manage your own wrestling promotion.

  • Train, level up, and teach new movements to your wrestlers.

  • Book matches, build shows from the ground up, and astonish the world with your brand!

  • A narrative-driven tycoon: create amazing stories, and deal with unexpected twists.

  • A timeline system: choose how the combats will go and how the stories will evolve.

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